About the photographer

Mustafa Çopuroğlu

I was born in the middle of Turkey in the town of Kırsehir in 1965. I graduated from Yıldız Technical University in 1986 and worked as an executive in the Industrial Automation sector until 2012. Since then, I’ve been working part-time as a managerial consultant.

My journey with photography started 10 years ago with trial-and-error attempts and by reading dozens of books on the subject. Ever since I met Niko Guido, whom I admired for his work, I’ve been working on plumbing the depths of photography with my friends at NGFA (Niko Guido Photography Academy). Photography helps me not only to understand people but also tells them about the stories I’ve learned. That’s why my interest lies in street and portrait photography.

I really enjoy the great times we have with the NGFA, discovering new places, new people and new lives. When I’m not out exploring with them, I love my clarinet, sailing and playing basketball.