Rüksan Anarat - 3


About the photographer

Rüksan Anarat

I was born in Merzifon in 1956 and graduated from the Faculty of
Pharmacy, Hacettepe University. During my professional life as a
biochemistry specialist for 38 years, I’ve been enthusiastic about
opening and managing health laboratories in public and private
companies. I’m a mother of three wonderful young persons.
My photography journey, which began with the Disaster and
Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) in 2008, continued with
a number of workshops, exhibitions, and projects with the contribution
of my teachers Vahap Akşen, Haluk Uygur, and Mehmet İlbaysözü.
My husband and I took up this hobby to decrease the stress caused by
our busy professional lives; however, it became a passion and took
shape with people, nature, countries, and cultures. I was very happy to
become a member of the family of Photography Wanderers with Niko
Guido in 2019 and to have participated in projects such as
“BenIstanbul” and “14 Cities.”