Ceylan Atuk - 3


About the photographer

Ceylan Atuk

Ceylan Atuk began her art education in Switzerland and continued with
her works –mostly in painting– at various workshops in Turkey. She later
started working at her family’s company Ceylan Giyim Inc. first as a stylist
and then as a fashion designer. Her interest in photography guided her to
focusing on this field. She worked as an intern at a decoration magazine.
She later transferred to photography, which enabled her to use her
experience in fine arts and to create a unique style. She finds the sense of
evaluating every moment very appealing.
Atuk studied photography at Bilgi University in 2000. She went on to work
at various workshops and with a number of photographers. Believing that
every photographer she’s worked with has contributed to her foundation
as an artist, she has succeeded in several competitions. Focusing on gender
and body politics, Ceylan Atuk continues to create striking images about
the state of being woman in male­dominated societies. For a long time,
Atuk has been using photographic reality for its intense and clear