Mehmet Emin Sazak - 2


About the photographer

Mehmet Emin Sazak

I was born in 1963 in Izmir where my family was living because of
their jobs. After graduating from high school in Istanbul, where I
spent my childhood and youth, I went to the U.S. for my
undergraduate degree. I graduated from the Department of Business
Management, University of Southern California in Los Angeles.
After living for some time in Switzerland, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia
for studying and as an intern, I moved back to Turkey and started my
professional life.
Since 1989, a year when stock markets were becoming popular,
I have worked actively in various parts of industry and founded the
company Meksa Investment Company with my partners. I have
worked for a number of positions at our family company, Yüksel
Construction, and am currently the vice chairman of the Executive
Board. I’m interested in scuba diving, gourmet dining, art, geography,
history, botany, spiritual development, yoga, personal development,
psychology, nature sports, and traveling.