Ebru Esmen Mete - 1


About the photographer

Ebru Esmen Mete

I was born in Istanbul in 1977. I graduated from Lycée Saint­Joseph and the
Faculty of Business Management at Istanbul University. I got my master’s
degree from the Department of Human Resources at the same faculty.
For nearly 19 years, I worked as a manager of human resources at various
companies. I have a son named Ali.
I’ve been a traveler on this journey of photography to meaning since 2005.
On this journey, I’m looking for windows into the lives of people where I turn
moments into memories with a passion rooted in the depths of my soul.
This magnificent art through which moments resist time and become
eternal gives me pure happiness and helps me find meaning. I feel like
fitting a pages­long story into a magical shot and that every frame enables
me to steal a little bit of time. I opened my first exhibition with a selection of
pictures in Iran. It was my first break from my journey of photography.
Then, I participated in the project “14 Cities | Cape Town” with Photography
Wanderers led by Niko Guido. On this journey, which brings movement to
immobility and expresses reality through magical pureness, I have a lot of
pictures to take, moments that will defeat time, and stories of people to
discover slowly through a window